Sustainable gift edit


This holiday season, we invite you to make mindful decisions when it comes to choosing the right gift for your loved ones: think local, support small businesses, and appreciate craftsmanship.

Our curated gift edit offers inspiration for sustainable and ethical gifts that won't break the bank. You will find unique gifts sustainably-produced by local makers, like scrunchies, tote bags, pouches, and many more - mostly available as a limited edition.

We care about making this holiday season a time where we cherish the simple things, everything that is done with love and at a slow pace to remind ourselves how important it is to value the whole process that is behind the things that we own.

A more sustainable way of living has proven not only desirable but necessary this year - so why not up your game starting this holiday season? Give gifts that are thoughtfully-made, unique, and special. An example? All our scrunchies are handmade in Berlin using leftover material from our clothing collections to reduce our waste.

We hope you enjoy the curated list we put together for you. If you’re looking for more sustainable gift ideas, check out Ade Velkon and Maria Morgana clothing collections.

Gift Edit: Accessories

Delicate adornments for your hair, practical totes, or silk scarves - all handmade and never the same, yours is one of a kind.

Cream scrunchie on white background

Dhalia Scrunchie - €15



Brown handmade tote bag

Mini Shopper - €25



Sil scarf yellow on marble table
Silk scarf - €40

Gift Edit: Handmade Pouches

Minimal pouches to stash your precious belongings and carry them anywhere - sustainably-produced with lyocell, cotton, or deadstock fabric.


Twill Pouch - €18

Gift Edit: Skincare & Soaps

Skincare products and soap made with natural ingredients and completely cruelty-free - here to make your skin glow with special care for the Earth.

Organic salve made in Berlin

Gift Edit: For Your Home

Smudge bundles, candles, and pillow cases for a touch of good energy in any living space. 

See all of The Conscious Gift Edit - each item is under €40.


This article was written by Ambra Andrei, content creator and regular AVMM's contributor.