Introducing #LadiesWhoLounge, a series of interviews with women we love who share with us how they've been spending their time at home these past few months.

Ladies Who Lounge 01 - Tania Strauss

Tania is a freelance writer and photographer from New York living in Berlin. Check out our intimate interview with her - we talked about working remotely, “dressing up” at home, and pursuing creative projects while spending more time indoors.


Interview with Tania Strauss - Transcript

Are you currently working from home?

One of the ways that the pandemic has not been a huge change for me is that I’ve actually been self-employed and working remotely for the last 7 years, but I will say that a challenge that it has brought is that I normally tend to make sure to break up my day by working at home in the morning and then by going to a co-working space or a cafè or some place for the afternoon just to have a little bit of structure in my day or to get out of the house, change the scenery, be out among people.

Do you have any rituals to help you transition from your work day?

Especially now that it’s the winter and it gets dark early, one of the things that I find is very helpful is actually changing the lighting and turning off the artificial lighting and lighting candles when I’m done with work... to give it more of a relaxed and evening feel and sometimes putting on music… I will say though that that is something that is challenging about this situation and something that I’m working on getting better at is finding a way to transition from work mode into relaxation mode when both are happening at the same place all day long.

What role does clothing play in your time at home?

I’m actually trying to get better about making myself, quote on quote, dress up more at home. It’s something I’ve been thinking about because I do have a tendency sometimes to be in pajamas or being in very very old clothing, which is comfortable but also doesn’t make me feel particularly... vibrant, I guess? And I think feeling vibrant is something we’re all struggling with in this time, like not leaving our houses and not being around people. So, again, it’s something that I’ve been trying to implement a little bit with very success it’s making myself get into clothing even just to be at home, get into clothing that feels good whether or not it’s necessarily outdoor clothing or even just, quote on quote, indoor loungewear that doesn’t just feel quite as old and shabby. 

Are you working or have you started any new creative projects since the beginning of the pandemic?

I sort of got into doing this summer especially, got into sort of experimenting more with self-portraiture because I’ve learned by being a street photographer, that’s how a lot of people learn is just picking up your camera and going places with it. And in the last few months I’ve been trying to think up some stuff, I think for the first time it’s a little bit more creative and deliberate and conceived as opposed to just going out to the street or whatever strikes you. So i was doing some timelapse self-portraits this summer that I got very into doing and was thinking of maybe doing some more of those. 

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