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Welcome to #LadiesWhoLounge, a series of interviews with women we love who share with us how they've been spending their time at home these past few months.

Ladies Who Lounge 02 - Gianna Thiess

Check out our second intimate conversation with Gianna (remember our first Muse feature? Read more here!) - yoga, meditation, and pilates teacher now based in France. We discussed the meaning of lounging, taking a break, and pursuing a new creative project during the pandemic. To know more about Gianna’s newly-launched organic cosmetic brand, visit her Instagram @lesroots_purenaturecosmetics.



Interview with Gianna Thiess - Transcript

Are you currently working from home?

The thing is, I always used to work at home, or part of my work I did from home all the time, but now what’s brand new to me is that I’m also teaching at home. As a yoga teacher it was something I could have never ever imagined.  But now it seems like that’s the new tool really. I’m super thankful for that experience.  And even though I’m spending a lot more time at home, at least it gives me the opportunity to work during those crazy times.


Do you have any rituals to help you transition from your work day?

One of my rituals, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be when I stop working,  but its definitely… I love to go for walks, with my puppy and this always gives me the break.  Also in between and during the day and I think this is what keeps me sane.  That I go outside, breathe some fresh air in between, or even after work and then come home. Then work is done.


What does lounging mean to you, especially now?

I must say I used the time during New Years and Christmas to really enjoy this moment of not doing anything... and just enjoying silence. Where then for me lounging is like really enjoying silence: practicing meditation, emptying your brain. And if I do something I would then read a book and really celebrate this, because it’s super rare that I read like a story or something where I can get lost like in a movie. So this for me is like, doing nothing just like hanging out on my couch and reading a book or even watching a movie, like sometimes your brain needs a break, this is more than fair enough.


What role does clothing play in your time at home?

I love to wear comfortable clothes I have to admit, but for me, as I teach a lot throughout the day or throughout the week I’m lucky enough to be able to wear some leggings or some tights all the time, or some comfortable trousers. But what I do most of the time is like wear some leggings and then wear just a beautiful dress on top, because I don’t want to look like Sporty Spice all day. So the combination of leggings and it can be a beautiful dress on top and then a coat or something, that’s my cozy home outfit.


What would you advise to other womxn working from home these days?

What I realized is that I have to see this extra time that we are given... I honestly see it as a gift and I want to use it for myself, whatever that means. It can be work related it can be self-care related… anything. To really use the time… I don’t see it as a demon, where we get lost and it’s turning into something that we hate. I actually enjoy this extra time a lot.


Are you working or have you started any new creative projects since the beginning of the pandemic?

Well yeah, I actually did start a new project and quite a big one.  As I said I like to use the extra time that we are given and I was working on my own natural cosmetic brand and we are about to launch a small series quite soon. It’s called Les Roots and it’s all-organic ingredients and I’m super excited and a little bit proud. And I can’t wait to share more quite soon, I would say.


As mentioned Gianna just recently launched her very own organic skin and hair care line, Les Roots - a streamlined offering of handcrafted care products inspired by nature and slower living. 

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Dressing up at home

We love Gianna’s hint to dress up at home! Here’s what she wore during our interview:


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