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"The sensation of flow is even more satisfying when we're grounded; a sense of being in your body, being with what you're feeling, that all of it must be necessary and integral for the growth that's wanting in us." Kathy Suyun Kwon of Bright Matters Studio.

When is Aquarius Season?

Aquarius Season starts on January 20th and goes until February 18th. Aquarius season is the second to last sign in the astrological calendar, following Capricorn season, before entering Pisces season, the last sign of the year. 

What are Aquarius’s traits and personality?

As we have already learned, each astrological sign is a unique combination of one modality and one element. Aquarius is a fixed modality, air element sign represented by the symbol of a water bearer. Fixed signs are noted for representing maintenance, stability, and sustained structures. Air signs are the “winds of change” and are all about action, ideas and motions. 

When you combine the qualities of air with the attributes of a fixed modality you end up with a sign which is a supreme social organizer, one which creates and maintains lasting structures, not just within the self, but also for the greater community and society at large. It comes to no surprise, then, that Aquarius is a sign very often associated with revolutionary ideas and ideals.

Ruled by the planet Uranus, which is the planet associated with individuality and change, it is clear that themes of questioning authority and championing individuality are likely to come up during Aquarius season.

The Age of Aquarius: What does it mean for us?

Many astrologers believe that 2020 was the last year of the Age of Pisces and 2021 is the first year of the Age of Aquarius, each astrological “Age” lasting about 2160 years, but with a transitional period of about 100 years. Shifting eras are linked with economic and cultural revolution, as well as new perspectives and a grand shift in consciousness. It goes without saying that the last few weeks (and months) have been unprecedented times. 

There is so much going on, on the global front, with politics, economy, and general public safety. A lot of us are happy to have said goodbye to 2020 with a sense of welcoming a hopefully more smooth and stable year ahead in 2021, but many astrologers predict that we are right in the middle of a great transitional moment between two astrological ages. One way to imagine this moment in history is that we are all experiencing collective labor pains in the birth of a new era.

How to mindfully step into Aquarius Season and the Aquarian Age?

Take a deep breath, slow down, focus on the here and now, what is real for us in this present moment. It is a time to tune into our immediate community, those we hold near and dear to us, our friends, our family, our partners and loved ones. 

The highest Aquarius capacities include: rational detachment, collective sense-making, and progressive activism in the realm of humanitarianism idealism, all imbued with a sense of compassion for our fellow humans. Tap into these capacities and use them to connect with our intimate community, those closest to us in our lives. 

This is a time to continue exploring the notions of freedom, equality and brotherhood/sisterhood, all while cultivating spiritual unity. Now is the time for feeling even deeper our own unique truth, and connecting with others who have similar and complementary values and vision for a brighter future ahead. We truly are all in this together.


Aquarius season outfit

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This article was written by Molly McDonnell, AVMM’s owner and founder.


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