Image by Berlin-based artist and recent MUSE feature Dóra Földes



When are Leo's dates?

Leo season starts on July 23rd and lasts until August 22nd. We're delving into Leo's traits and personality and how Leo season reflects on all the other signs of the zodiac. 


Enter Leo Season 

While Cancer's ruling planet is the Moon, Leo's ruling planet is the Sun, so we are now transitioning from the dreamy and emotional Lunarian energy to bright, golden and illuminating Sun energy and we can use this energy to tap into our more bold, authoritative, and confident sides.

Since Leo is a fixed sign it is known for being resistant to change, slightly inflexible yet having great will power. To put these qualities to good use we can take all that sensitive and intuitive reflection from our time in Cancer and start to put our will into action.


Qualities of a True Leader - Magnanimity

The Symbol for Leo is the lion, which is no wonder because it is an animal associated with qualities such as strength, power, and ferociousness.

Leo is also ruled by the element of Fire and one way to imagine how fire can influence this star sign and this time period in the zodiac cycle is to picture a radiating heart full of heat and light, magnetizing all around it towards its fiery fierceness.

Leo is the one keeping the fire going, with natural leadership tendencies and general creative expression. We can all take advantage of this time period to more easily tap into Leo’s vivacious, theatrical and passionate energy during the next 28 days of Leo season.


Leo season outfit

Bold, strong-willed, and in command - Leos are true leaders and as such, the perfect outfit is one that speaks confidence and trust without losing their natural appeal. Suit it up in our Keaton blazer - handmade in our Berlin atelier. Perfect combo with our Keaton pants