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Cancer season starts on June 21st and lasts until July 22nd. We're looking at Cancer's traits and its main characteristics to reflect on how we can harness this time the best we can.


Cancer Season: Cancer traits

Cancer is a zodiac sign associated with heightened sensitivity, intuition, safety, and comfort. With Cancer being the sign of the crab, we imagine a soft and delicate creature sensitive to their environment and in need of an outer shell for protection while navigating through life's varied surfaces. This is a feeling I'm sure all of us can relate to whether we have this Cancer as our sun sign or not. Cancer is also a water sign and as with all water signs, Cancer is a sign linked to emotional intelligence, empathy, and relationships.


Cancer Month - An opportunity to self-reflect

During this New Moon in Cancer, we may be invited to explore our more deeply our intuition, a quality strongly associated with Cancer, as it may be heightened during the reflective time period of the new moon. Our emotional current may also feel extra fluid during this water sign and we may be going back and forth between feeling soft and open to those we currently have strong connections with, and at the same time feel a need to be more protective of our own vulnerabilities. Since the new moon in general is often associated with self-reflection and turning inward, this might be an appropriate time to also reflect on areas in our lives where themes around healthy and nurturing boundaries, especially in regards to relationships, might benefit from extra attention.


Some questions to ponder during the time of the crab:  How does it feel when we set clear boundaries with others? Is it challenging to set boundaries or does this come easily? How do others react to the boundaries we set?


"All that is required to realize the Self is to be still."

—Ramana Maharshi


Cancer season outfit

As a water sign, there probably isn't a better combination for Cancer than our Mermaid dress, a soft, effortless, long dress made from a dusty blue modal blend.


This article was written by Molly McDonnell, AVMM’s owner and founder.


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