Month Ahead Mood - Virgo Season

Month Ahead Mood - Virgo Season
Artwork by Berlin-based artist Yasuna Iman



On August 18th, 2020 we had our most recent New Moon in the sign of Leo, where the Sun has been transiting this last astrological month. Now on August 22nd and 23rd we officially depart from Leo season and enter Virgo season. Even though the New Moon has already passed, we are still in the early waxing stages and can feel the effects of her time spent in Leo, as she guides us to take advantage of the sun energy and shine light on our inner strengths, our inner Leo power, before shifting our awareness to Virgo energies.


Qualities of a Virgin - Grounded Wholeness

Virgo is represented by the symbol of the Virgin, which although has certain connotations in our contemporary western society, is traditionally associated with attributes of wholeness and completeness. A person who is embodying Virgo energy would be someone grounded in their authenticity and not easily swayed by the influences of others. While Leo is known for boasting outward and boisterous confidence, Virgo's confidence is more subtle with inner self-awareness and grounded poise. We can all take advantage of this energy present during Virgo season and seek to connect further with our own wholeness, without the need for the approval or permission of others.


It may be helpful, however, to keep in mind that when embarking more sincerely on the journey to connect deeper with Self, hidden blockages can often surface. Whatever has been or is currently in the way of our authenticity could become more visible once we start shining our light inwards and this may invite some uncomfortable feelings like guilt or shame. Once we DO start living a more righteous life, and behave more in alignment with our own unique truth on a daily basis, all those times in which we DID NOT live our authenticity may come painfully back into our memory. If these heavier feelings do start to surface, try practicing acceptance and release, without holding on too tight to the negative emotion itself. This is an awesome opportunity to practice deeper self-acceptance and therefor cultivate more space for that grounded Virgo energy this season can offer us.


Virgo inspiration from AVMM

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