Month Ahead Mood - New Moon in Gemini

Month Ahead Mood - New Moon in Gemini

New Moon Gemini Season, Bright Matters

Art by Kathy Suyun Kwon from Bright Matters Studio



As many of you already know, we are pretty smitten by the moon here at AVMM and love to follow her monthly cycles as an opportunity to feel more connected to the rhythms of nature. As the May 2020 New Moon approaches, we’d like to delve into the meaning of the upcoming New Moon in Gemini. 

What is the meaning of the New Moon?

In astronomy the New Moon is known as the first lunar phase, taking place when the moon and sun are at the very same ecliptic longitude, during which time the moon is temporarily not visible to the unaided eye. Many folks in the more esoteric or new age community, as well as various cultures past and present, consider the New Moon to be the first day of the lunar calendar (synodic month), which lasts about 29.53 days (known as the Lunation) with the full moon taking place exactly at the halfway point of this time duration.

The New Moon is often recognized for being a time of new beginnings as well as an opportunity for planting seeds for the future, both physically in traditional agricultural societies as well as symbolically from a spiritual perspective. 

This special, yet recurring, astrological occurrence can be used as a monthly occasion to check in with our inner world and general emotional state. From there we can reflect on where we are coming from in the recent past and then make mindful intentions about where we would like to direct our energy moving forward. It can be a time to release any unnecessary baggage or burdens we have acquired and coincidingly explore our deep desires with a focus on manifestation to bring these desires to life in the coming weeks as the moon then grows fuller (waxes).

In a nutshell, the New Moon is about inner self-reflection while the Full Moon is about outer creative expression. One way to imagine this cycle is clearing the debris from the past, planting new seeds for the future, and then watching those seeds blossom with life.

As a new offering, we are excited to present a month ahead mood series inspired by the New Moon, this month (May 22, 2020) taking place in Gemini.

New Moon in Gemini - Gemini traits

While we are definitely not claiming to be astrologers over here, we are very curious to learn more about the characteristics belonging to the different astrological signs and their influences on the moon cycles and will be posting our discoveries and interpretations throughout these articles.

Gemini, ruled by the planet Mercury, is all about communication and the exchange of ideas, knowledge, and wisdom. Its twin aspect symbol represents duality and the unique ability to merge the wisdom of humanity with the wisdom of the universe; viewing life from the perspective of wholeness, also seen as the ‘beingness’ of humanity.

Many people associate duality as something negative, yet when we look out at the world around us, we exist in a constant state of duality. There is no life without death or light without shadow. In a sense duality is wholeness and no sign knows this better than Gemini. Gemini is the archetype bringing this inner knowledge into action, with the harmony of the mind-body connection within the self. This then transcends outwards by connecting with others through the deep urge to share such discovered wisdom.

Gemini month - An opportunity to self-reflect

Therefore we invite you, during this New Moon, to reflect on the concept of authentic communication and community and what that means to you personally. During this time of unique social distancing and isolation ‘community’ may hold a higher value than ever before. This New Moon in Gemini may just be the perfect time to reflect on ways in which we can connect more meaningfully within our own community and society as a whole. What are the characteristics or qualities which unite us in our human race? How are we together as a species moving forward in spiritual growth? What can we do to further support each other in this shared journey?

And as a further incentive to get in the mood for this New Moon, we have a selection of Gemini inspired loungewear, perfect for self-care and meditation rituals, all featured in crepe silk and hand-dyed in our newest color offering, Moonstone! With blue being the color associated with the throat chakra and Gemini embodying all things communication, we thought it’s the perfect offering for Gemini season!


Selene Slip Dress by Maria Morgana

Maria Morgana Slip Dress - New Moon in Gemini

Selene was the Greek moon goddess.


Venus Wrap Skirt by Maria Morgana

Maria Morgana Wrap Skirt - New Moon in Gemini

Venus, the counterpart to Greek’s Aphrodite, was the Roman goddess embodying love, sex, beauty, and fertility.


Peitha Pants by Maria Morgana

Maria Morgana Peitha Pants - New Moon in Gemini

Peitha was the Greek goddess personifying persuasion and seduction.


Bia Blouse by Maria Morgana

Maria Morgana Blouse - New Moon in Gemini

Bia was the Greek goddess personifying force and power.


For more loungewear inspiration, check out the full Maria Morgana collection.

We’re curious to know: how will you welcome the New Moon? Any ritual to share with us?


This article was written by Molly McDonnell, AVMM’s owner and founder. 






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