New Moon Gemini Season, Bright Matters

Art by Kathy Suyun Kwon from Bright Matters Studio



May 21 marks the start of Gemini Season, which lasts until June 20. We're delving into the themes of this air sign and how it affects the other signs of the zodiac. 


What are Gemini traits?

Gemini, ruled by the planet Mercury, is all about communication and the exchange of ideas, knowledge, and wisdom. Its twin aspect symbol represents duality and the unique ability to merge the wisdom of humanity with the wisdom of the universe; viewing life from the perspective of wholeness, also seen as the ‘beingness’ of humanity.

Many people associate duality as something negative, yet when we look out at the world around us, we exist in a constant state of duality. There is no life without death or light without shadow. In a sense duality is wholeness and no sign knows this better than Gemini. Gemini is the archetype bringing this inner knowledge into action, with the harmony of the mind-body connection within the self. This then transcends outwards by connecting with others through the deep urge to share such discovered wisdom.

Gemini month - An opportunity to self-reflect

Therefore we invite you to reflect on the concept of authentic communication and community and what that means to you personally. During this time of unique social distancing and isolation ‘community’ may hold a higher value than ever before. This time may just be the perfect time to reflect on ways in which we can connect more meaningfully within our own community and society as a whole. What are the characteristics or qualities which unite us in our human race? How are we together as a species moving forward in spiritual growth? What can we do to further support each other in this shared journey?


This article was written by Molly McDonnell, AVMM’s owner and founder.


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