Cleansing Ritual Set

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A thoughtful curation of mindful products to gently cleanse the body and senses as well as encourage an everyday self-care ritual. Choice of Sage smudge stick or Palo Santo bundle. Each Product is additionally available for individual sale or to build your own ritual set!


-Hand-made toiletry bag in 100% cotton basket-weave with zipper closure (16x20cm)


-Vintage art vessel, refillable (30ml)


-Sage smudge stick or palo santo bundle (20g)


-Charcoal Manuka by Lovely Day is a gentle cleansing mask containing 2% PHA fruit acids which help exfoliate the deeper layers of the skin, loosening deep-seated impurities, and black activated charcoal to help to pull them to the surface. Also includes anti-inflammatory Moroccan lava earth, calming chamomile hydrolate, skin regenerating argan oil and gentle cleansing Manuka honey. (50ml)


*Set comes in white box as seen in photos, perfect as gift!


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