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A coming home ritual

Transitions can be challenging for some of us, even the small or seemingly insignificant ones. Like coming home from work or from a day of errands out in the busy world, for example. Not all of us take into consideration that this daily transition, this change of activity and environment, can sometimes feel abrupt or jarring, even though home should be our place of refuge.

Out in the world, we are inundated with all sorts of visible, audible, and olfactory stimulation which our bodies and psyche are forced to adjust to. Even if only subconsciously, we prepare ourselves every day to enter this world as we get dressed in the morning and mentally visualize and anticipate all the things we need to do that day. It’s like we put on our daily armor, both physically with how we dress as well as emotionally, as we leave our homes every morning to go out to take care of all the things we need to take care of. But our transition back home is sometimes not given the same amount of intention or energetic focus. 

Below we have offered 5 tips for a ritual to make that transition to our home atmosphere more meaningful, mindful and as smooth as possible.



1- Take off your shoes and wash your hands

We might be stating the obvious here, but sometimes the obvious is easily forgotten or overlooked. If we want our home to be a sacred place of refuge then we need to treat it that way, and leaving our shoes at the door, and washing our hands keeps our home clean from all the possible germs we came into contact with throughout the day. And why not turn it into a ritual and indulge in a handcrafted soap with a beautiful fragrance!


2- Find a home for all your belongings

From groceries, mail, tablets, dry cleaning, and beyond, it's often the case that when we enter our home after a long day out in the big ol’ world our arms are loaded up and hands are full with bags and belongings. 

While it’s easy enough to just throw everything in a pile at the side of the door, taking just five minutes to properly put away all of these items in their appropriate places helps to set the tone for a settled evening, as well as ensures a more peaceful morning when getting ready for the day ahead. Isn’t it nice when we can easily find our keys, wallet, tablet/planner? When there isn’t a pile of jackets and bags to sort through? When our shoes are neatly put away rather than in a jumble?

According to the Feng Shui philosophy, the front entrance of a home is very important for energy flow. Having a clean and inviting front entrance not only looks and feels good but is also one step to invite more positive qi - vital energy - to a home.

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3- Engage the senses

While it might be tempting to jump into whatever activities beckon your attention first, like starting dinner, throwing laundry in before it gets too late, or calling back your mom/best friend, we think it's so valuable to first set a delicious ambiance for your evening ahead.  

Focusing on the senses like sound, scent, and touch. This might look like binary beats, lavender incense, and your favorite loungewear.


4 – Slip into something comfortable

Leaving the day at the door also means taking off the day’s armor (i.e. street clothing) and putting on something more appropriate for the evening activities. 

Our clothing needs for worldly tasks such as errands and work obligations differ greatly from the kind of garb which supports our at-home needs. Think comfort, softness, elastic waistbands, soothing colors. A luxurious set of Pjs for example, or some delicious loungewear options can deepen that sense of refuge we all want our home to provide us.


5- Take five’ or better yet make it ten!

Taking a few moments to simply sit down, close your eyes, take a few breaths and intentionally clearing your mind from the day’s busyness to better prepare for your evening activities is such a game changer in ensuring a nourishing evening.



Here's a selection of some of our favorite loungewear pieces to give you warm and fuzzy vibes that will make you feel home.


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Whether it is arriving home after a long day at the office, arriving home after an evening with friends, arriving home after a day of errands, the act of arriving can become a mindful ritual to not only help a smoother transition from outer world to inner sanctuary, but also become an enjoyable moving meditation in giving presence to a daily recurring act. 

All the tips above won’t ask for more than 10 minutes of your time and they will help you leave your busy day at the door and gently transition to a gentle and nourishing night at home, your sacred refuge.


This article was written by Molly McDonnell, AVMM’s owner and founder.