IDAMARI creates fine and bespoke jewellery with the intention to elevate and compliment the wearer. Inspired by modernism and natural forms, metal is formed into soft shapes and wearable sculptures in silver and gold; drawing inspiration from modernism, mythology and natural forms. Made in Berlin.
Unni Bracelet Unni Bracelet
Description Handcrafted heavyweight bracelet made from 4mm solid sterling silver wire by Berlin-based jewelry studio IDAMARI.   *Note this item is custom made, please allow...
Unni Bracelet €125,00
Thea Earrings Thea Earrings
Description Handcrafted sterling silver earrings featuring round moonstone pearls. Moonstone has a pearly iridescence and is named for it's a moonlike glow. By Berlin-based...
Thea Earrings €59,00
Olivia Earrings Olivia Earrings
Description Handcrafted sterling silver drop earrings featuring Mother of Pearl flat disc. by Berlin-based Jewelry studio IDAMARI.   *Note this item is custom...
Olivia Earrings €59,00
Eyja Necklace Eyja Necklace
Description Handcrafted round pendant on a long silver chain. The pendant has a smooth front and a detailed back. Carved in wax and...
Eyja Necklace €135,00
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