Basket Weave Vanity Pouch
Description The Basket Weave Vanity Pouch is a small zippered bag of 100% cotton black basket-weave fabric. Material is repurposed from fabric scraps...
Basket Weave Vanity Pouch 100% Cotton, €15,00
Art Deco Vessel
Description The Art Deco Vessel is a vintage glass container, lovingly sourced from an antique market fair in Lisbon, Portugal. Holds...
Art Deco Vessel €20,00
Art Print T-shirt Art Print T-shirt
Description In collaboration with the California-based visual artist Kathy Kwon, who also happens to be one of our featured Modern Muses,...
Art Print T-shirt 100% Cotton, €40,00
Soap Holder
Sold Out
Description The Soap Holder is a hand-formed shallow dish of clay foundation, painted in a waterproof white lacquer. Also suitable...
Soap Holder €10,00
The Going Out Clutch
Description The Going Out Clutch is a small handbag made from fabric remnants from a previous Ade Velkon Collection, which otherwise would have...
The Going Out Clutch €30,00
Cotton Applique Pillow Cover
Description The Cotton Applique Pillow Cover is a 100% cotton pillow cover made from deadstock material and produced in a...
Cotton Applique Pillow Cover €30,00
Ceramic Coffee Set
Sold Out
Description The Ceramic Coffee Set is a three-piece beige stoneware pour-over set featuring a raw outside finish and a metallic inner...
Ceramic Coffee Set €140,00
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