When was the last time you went out of your way to take extra good care of yourself? Self-care is an act of kindness you give to yourself to be healthy both physically and mentally - and to basically function well in everything you do.


In the last few months, many of us have had a bit more time to reflect, take on new activities, and explore new hobbies. What about using that extra time also for some self-care amazingness? It’s a treat we owe to ourselves and it will help us not only now, but also in the long run. 


And to get further inspired, we asked 12 amazing women to share with us some self-care ideas on how they like to spend a Sunday (or any day really), dedicated to taking care of their mind, body, and spirit.

Gianna Thiess

Gianna Thiess for AVMM on self-care

Gianna in our Long Sleeve Panel Dress (currently out of stock)

“My perfect Sunday self-care program is actually one I try to follow every day and it looks something like this: I start the morning by lighting my favourite incense, then I prepare some warm water with fresh pressed lemon-ginger-curcuma juice.


I enjoy this cup while taking my dog for a walk. This also works without a dog, just take yourself for a walk to breathe some fresh air in the morning - to me this does magic especially during winter.


When I come home the house is filled with a nice smell from the incense. After arriving back home I start my private gentle yoga practice. As I teach a lot, I especially enjoy practicing in silence, without talking, while just listening to the needs of my body. I love that way of practicing my active meditation, free from any rules where your body guides you through your flow.


A nice cup of coffee afterwards adds the last spark to my perfect self-care morning routine and I’m ready for the day.”

Gianna is a yoga, pilates, and meditation teacher. She also runs an artist residency and yoga retreat in France, where she is currently living and working. To learn more, read our interview with Gianna, as part of our Muse series or follow @maison.des.temps

Yasuna Iman

Yasuna Iman

Yasuna wearing our Athena Dress

“On a Sunday, I make a point in starting my day by taking the time to pour into myself and make sure my cup is as full as possible, before I go out and about or start working on any project. Shortly after waking up and while still lying in bed, I open my journal and write down a few things I feel grateful for and release a few thoughts through my pen.


I’ve been working with Tarot as a spiritual guidance tool for the past five years now, and it has become an essential part of my daily self-care rituals. After writing a few words in my journal, I pull a Tarot card. Since each Tarot card corresponds to one of the four elements, I set the intention to channel this element through my self-care rituals and adapt my daily routine to it.


For instance, the Empress is connected to the Earth element, so I would do a calming movement routine, drink a cup of herbal tea and prepare a nourishing, grounding meal with some whole grains or some yummy root vegetables. It is a beautiful way to take in the insights of the Tarot mentally, spiritually as well as physically.


I also have made four Spotify playlists to create a sound atmosphere for each element. Depending on the energy of the card I pulled or simply the energy I feel the most this day, I will connect to the earth, water, air, or fire by listening to the corresponding playlist as I work on a piece, or dance freely to it in my studio.”


Yasuna is a Berlin-based artist painting with plant-based dyes. Read our interview with Yasuna in our Muse journal series or follow her @yasunaiman


Tania Strauss

Tania Strauss on self-care with AVMM

Tania wearing our Farrah Jumpsuit


“Here are some of my self-care strategies for Sundays, or any day: something I’m trying to take seriously right now is unplugging from the internet and reducing screen time during my non-working hours.


I just got a vintage alarm clock because I’ve made a resolution to keep my electronics out of my bedroom as much as possible, particularly between 9pm and 9am. 


I was a very bookish child, and even into early adulthood I routinely did at least two uninterrupted hours of reading and writing at night. That focus - and that ability to find pleasure and entertainment within my own mind - entirely collapsed right around the time I got a smartphone. 


The effect all this multitasking and overstimulation has had on my brain is incredibly tangible in the last decade, and I find it distressing.  So I really want to try to use this unusual moment we’re in, all of this pandemic-enforced quiet and slowness, to rebuild that part of myself. And to just reestablish this sense that don’t owe it to anyone, or even to the universe, to be reachable or connected.”

Tania is a Berlin-based writer and photographer from NYC. She shares more about her time at home in our #LadiesWhoLounge series - watch our interview with Tania here.

Dorottya Bognar

rosedorca for AVMM

Dorottya wearing our Loretta Blouse in Sage.


“My self-care Sunday typically includes drinking mint tea, listening to jazz, catching up with news and exciting articles, organizing my closet and my thoughts. I always write notes for myself everywhere during the week, and it feels so good to organize them on the weekend. I also like to sketch, putting my favorite sheet mask on, doing a full hair-care routine with a hair mask and oils. And finally, laying in bed until 10am or just laying everywhere, really.”


Dorottya is a fashion enthusiast and content creator based in Budapest @rosedorca

Assi Pakkanen

Assi Pakkanen for AVMM

Assi wearing our Athena Dress in hand-dyed Moonstone

“My Sunday of self care and love includes getting a mindful scent, like palo santo or sage, or a scented stick and natural oils like sandalwood, sipping on ayurveda tea while indulging in body oils, doing a sauna with birch tree fragrance or soap. I also like to listen to binaural beats on my headphones while meditating. Sometimes it also helps to make weird sounds and noises, sing songs and go overtone, try to make a noise to any emotion you are going through, as well as cry a lot or laugh a lot. And never forget to smile at strangers!”

Assi is a contemporary dancer based in Berlin. 

Ena Dahl

Ena Dahl on self-care Sundays for AVMM

Ena wearing our Blouse Dress in Onyx

"My favorite Sundays (and honestly every day) start with long relaxing mornings. I'll get up and brew a pot of coffee and take a moment to wake up, while lighting candles and smudge in my healing space.


Instead of my regular seated meditation, I recently started focusing on heart-opening to relieve tension from my chest and upper back: I'll lay with my back on a yoga block propped up by pillows (to keep the edges from digging into my back) and my arms stretched out to the side while listening to Max Richter's album Sleep.


Then I perform a little self-reiki, gently moving my hands along my body, from head to toe, through all of my chakras, before my regular yoga routine. To end, I give myself a full body scrub in the shower and lather myself in a good lotion or coconut oil."


Ena is Multidimensional creatrix & muse seeking to unite sexuality & spirituality, instigate alchemical healing & ignite the wild (wo)man through her writing. You can read more on her Medium and in our Muse interview and follow her @enadahl

Dóra Földes

Dora Foldes in AVMM at Grus Grus vintage in Berlin

Dóra wearing our the Rhea Robe and Hera Pants in Cotton, hand-dyed in Midnight Blue.

“I recently moved to the countryside outside Berlin in search of a slower pace. An ideal Sunday morning spent with myself would be with a warm cup of lemon water, followed by the half primary series of Ashtanga yoga practice. After a long savasana, I would head out into nature for a stroll in the woods behind my house, breathing in the frisky air and hopefully meeting some deers or wild rabbits on my way."

Dóra is an artist and owner of the vintage store Grus Grus in Berlin. Read more in our Muse interview with Dóra here and follow her art account @foldes_dora

Liesel Burisch

Liesel Burisch

Liesel wearing our crepe silk Bia Blouse and Peitha Pants, both hand-dyed in Sage.

“My weekends are dedicated to getting the rest I tend to deprive myself from during the week. When finally getting up, I enjoy spending time making myself a really good cup of coffee and reading the newspaper. I have finally gotten around getting a subscription for a weekend newspaper and love flipping through the pages and reading about topics my internet habits would deprive me from. Weekends often also entail getting around baking and fermenting, two of my favourite ways of relaxing. My kitchen then tends to smell of a mixture of cakes and sauerkraut, it's a strange blend, but for me, it's incredibly restorative to have time to dive into my, sometimes opposite, obsessions.”

Liesel is a video artist and regular AVMM content contributor.

Molly McDonnell

Molly McDonnell, founder of AVMM

Molly wearing our Goldie Dress (currently out of stock)

“For me self care is about filling myself back up, replenishing the vessel. I guess like most, my workweek is fairly structured and action oriented so on the weekends, and especially on Sundays, I try to devote some quality time towards play and creative expression, which isn’t outcome oriented. ‘Making’ for pure pleasure’s sake.


Throughout the week I’m always documenting little bits of inspiration I stumble across like a song, a painting, or even just the subtle beauty in my everyday ... On the weekends I go through all these saved treasures and see where the dots connect.


I try to give myself the space to let those small sparks ignite into something new, whether it’s spontaneous somatic movements, an abstract illustration, or some new ideas for a garment. My living room transforms into a dance studio, a playground, an art studio, a fashion set, becoming an entire universe really, in the confines of 30 sq meters. I let myself behave like a child, bouncing from one activity to another, letting go of time constructs and allowing the hours to drift by unnoticed, lost in my own reality.


I never really know what the results will be from these creative indulgences, but that’s never the point anyways. For me it’s all about the pleasure and pursuit of being in that lucid dream/wake state of transcended abstract consciousness.”


Molly is the founder of and head designer behind AVMM. Based in Berlin, she also works one on one with private clients as a coach assisting women in the art of embodying authentic style.


Victoria Benecke

Victoria wearing our Blouse Dress in Onyx

“My self-care Sunday starts at around 8am with a healthy breakfast: yoghurt with berries and nuts plus two coffees. After breakfast I like to study a bit of Korean and also play the piano for a bit. Afterwards I like to get out of the house and take a walk in my neighborhood to stretch my legs and get some fresh air. When I come home I might treat myself to a mani/pedi and in the evening order in. Before bed I might watch some Netflix with a glass of wine.”

Victoria is an art enthusiast, musician, and Nordic expert based in Berlin.

Sun Mee

Sun Mee from Numaru

Sun Mee wearing our Jodi Jumpsuit (currently out of stock)

Sunday self-care is a special moment for me to unwind from the noise around me and connect to myself, intuition, and inner wisdom. A perfect Sunday allows me to FEEL my BODY, REST my MIND, and INSPIRE my SPIRIT. Here are some of my favorites:


I love riding my bike out of the city and into nature and feel the calming energies of a forest bath, also known as the Japanese relaxation therapy Shinrin Yoku. When I have found an inviting spot, I journal, release, and reflect on the things that are on my mind. Foraging some wild herbs, fruits, or mushrooms is a fun add on depending on the season. 


As a passionate and intuitive cook, I celebrate the joy of creating a nourishing meal as it allows me to connect my six senses—including my intuition. Dancing to my favorite 50s soul & funk records cheers up my mood for creative expression instantly.


When I discovered the healing benefits of a foot massage or reflexology, it felt like an awakening to understand how interconnected my organs and body systems work. It also works well alone and has become a daily 5min ritual before I go to sleep.


Integrating these rituals in small doses in my routine has turned them into habits that keep my emotion in balance, my mind at ease, and my spirit in flow. 

Sun Mee is the founder of NUMARU, a platform where she facilitates discussions and workshops around the topics of adoption journeys and true belonging. Discover more @numaru.truebelonging

Ambra Andrei

 Ambra Andrei for AVMM

Ambra wearing our Rib Knit Dress in Petrol

“Before the past year, I never thought about really taking care of myself. Perhaps I would indulge in a Sunday of laziness after working a whole week, or apply a facial mask every now and then. But in the past few months, I’ve come to realize how important it is to do the things you really care about and take the time to pursue them; it does make a difference for your overall well-being, both physically and mentally. I have found this in a series of creativity outlets - oil and watercolor painting, learning how to play the piano, and creating content, whether it’s writing, taking pictures, or translating a poem.”

Ambra is a content creator, stylist, and regular AVMM contributor. She writes about conscious style, beauty, and travel in her digital space, The Flair Edit